+++ Veganise your favourite dishes in a snap +++


Discover over 240 vegan alternatives to cook at home or to shop in the supermarket!

The app contains a wide range of recipes and shopping tips for great vegan alternatives to cheese, meat, fish, egg, milk, cream, yoghurt, butter, sauces, pesto, chocolate, honey and gelatine.
Over 240 vegan alternatives in the full version and a preview of alternatives in the free version. 
Everything in vegan - tested, photographed and reviewed by us!
The easiest and tastiest way to turn your favourite dishes vegan!
By purchasing the full version 10% of annual proceeds will be donated to an animal welfare organisation at the end of each year!
We will show you for example:
* Which store-bought vegan burger patties and grilled sausages are actually juicy and meaty
* How you make vegan "pulled pork" or "minced meat", which not only looks like the real deal, but also tastes great
* Which store-bought vegan cheese alternatives are really worth trying
* How to make a delicious homemade vegan "cheese" for gratinating pasta casseroles with just a few ingredients
* How to make incredibly delicious alternatives to cream cheese and parmesan from cashew nuts
* Which vegan butter alternative actually tastes great
* How you make a vegan "scrambled egg" that tastes incredibly like real egg
* How you can easily make delicious oat drink, rice drink, almond drink and cashew drink at home
* Which vegan alternatives to yoghurt we like most and how they differ in taste
* How you can replace an egg in a cake with a vegan ingredient
* Which chocolates from the grocery store really taste delicious - without cow's milk
All that and much more (!!) is shown in our app - we have tried everything ourselves and described it to you in detail - from now on nothing can go wrong on your vegan journey!
We want to spare you the disappointment of buying vegan "shoe-sole-meat" from the supermarket - we only recommend what we really found tasty and good and hope that you will like it as much as we do! The app contains only our personal favourite recipes and products.
...and of course we are independent from food manufacturers and do not receive any financial benefits for product presentations.
In order for you to know what's inside when you buy an alternative product from the supermarket, we have also taken pictures of the back of the packaging and the unpacked product. You can find further information about the respective products using an integrated online search function - e.g. on where to buy and nutritional information.
Another advantage: The database is available offline. This saves you data volume.
The app in one sentence: Homemade substitute ingredients, surprising secret ingredients, purchased substitute products or small mini recipes - all in vegan! Here you can find everything you need in one place!
With tips & tricks and our personal experiences!
On our website www.veganalternativesapp.de you will find further information about the topic and our personal recommendations for websites, documentaries and books.
Enjoy discovering our app :)
Jil & Valentin
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